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Ex Voto

2017. Site specific sculpture/installation.

Dimensions 6m x 2m x 1m.

Ex Voto was a response to the particular architecture and acoustics of the Brunel Tunnel Shaft in Rotherhithe, London. The shaft is the first example of a Caisson - a brick cylinder which was built above ground and then sunk under its own weight, before tunneling commenced under the Thames; one of London's hidden architectural gems.


Consisting of 6 metres of Nickel- Chromium wire conducting 240 volts of electricity over the duration of 1 week, this sculpture amplifies the continually shifting, complex drones and resonances of metal constantly cooling and heating in reaction to its own power state and the environment as it oscillates.

Directly below the concrete floor, the East London branch of the London Underground network can be heard to rumble past between Rotherhthe and Wapping...

Produced during my Leverhulme Artist in Residency, awarded in 201 6-1 7.

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Images © Matt Parker

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